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What about the Mac beta client?

Double- ne 'mac-osx-lion-inspirat-dlb' 4. I used a system image to restore mine, easier and quicker than installing windows again. Mess with your registry at your peril. Funny thing is, at a certain point, it would not let me log in. Luckily, I had a second account, so I logged in with it and deleted the Zune theme.

Just like that I was able to log in again. Thinking it was an one time thing, I tried to use the Zune theme again and, after a while, the same thing happened again. Any thoughts? Pretty cool and good to know for those that want to do it. For me trying to make one OS look like another OS is like wearing a replica watch or one of those knock off watches that is supposed to look like some popular high end watch like a Seiko that is styled like a Rolex Submariner. I Installed Lion theme pack and was wise enough to make a system image befoer doing so, just as well because I needed it to restore my PC after trying to uninstall this theme pack.

It wont uninstall and when you try doing a system restore you get strange executive files asking for permission to do who knows what. So if your going to do this, then backup files and make a system restore image as you will need it to fix your PC afterwards. What is the difference If I had installed it before? Is it necessary for the CustoPack?

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Download CustoPack Tools CustoPack Tools has been designed to make the installation of themes easier by installing them as packs. Screenshots and video Here is how it looks like once it has been installed completely: Uninstallation You repeat the same process, only backwards.

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"Mac Lion" Visual Style for Windows 7 FINAL.

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Beyond my example of sharing personal photos as a theme, we hope that users will find new and creative ways to use themes in Windows 7. Thanks for taking to time to post this workaround. Thinking it was an one time thing, I tried to use the Zune theme again and, after a while, the same thing happened again. After a lifetime of looking down at Windows users, most Mac users go into Windows looking for reasons to validate the way they already feel towards it irrational hatred and don't allow themselves to like anything about it. I always want the different.

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