Hard drive not detected mac lion

Urgent Mac Os X Installer Does Not See Hard Drive

Get Back Files When MacBook Pro Does Not Detect SSD

This is actually a partition on the drive that contains a version of the macOS that you can boot from. We have a complete guide to using Recovery mode here.

Repair the failed Mac hard disk or SSD

Keep holding those keys until you see either an Apple logo or a spinning globe. If you manage to get in to Recovery mode, you should be able to run Disk Utility as described above, and potentially fix your disk so you can recover the data.

MacBook External Hard Drive Not Recognized - How to Reformat Western Digital Hard Drive for Mac

If Disk Utility manages to fix your drive enough to let you boot from it again, be very careful how you use it. You should plan to get an external drive plugged in as soon as you can, so that you can secure your data there. If you have lost any data, it is very important to avoid using the drive, as anything that writes files to the drive, may be writing over your lost files. Which would render them unrecoverable.

So if you manage to resurrect your sickly drive, quit all your software, including email, to avoid overwriting any list files. Once you have an external drive, you can then use that as your boot drive, and recover any lost files to there. They all claim to be more effective than Disk Utility, but how well they do is very dependent on whatever is at the root of the problem. Lion has been around since , so anything newer than that should have the Recovery HD partition available if the drive is showing any signs of life.

Getting Started

But you may as well try to boot from an external drive running OS X. If this works it puts you in a pretty good position to proceed, as you will no longer be booting from the faulty disk. If you have managed to start your machine from either Recovery, or an external drive, the volume you are trying to recover still may not show up. Data recovery software can still work with that drive, so long as the OS can still talk to it. If the data is still on the drive, you still have a reasonable chance of recovering it.

Install Virtualbox On External Hard Drive Mac

There is one exception though, and that is if you were using an SSD. Because if the nature of SSDs, it is often impossible to retrieve data from them, no matter which tool you are using. This is because, unlike HDDs, SSDs would be very slow indeed if they had to save data to a block, or cell, that already has data on it.

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HDDs can merrily over write data over and over again. But SSDs must first erase that data to be able to quickly record new data.

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Welcome to Apple Support Communities. You have to format the SSD before installing Mac OS X. Start in Internet Recovery holding Command. The problem is that you have a virtual disk but still don't have any partition on it ( disk in terms of Windows filesystem). To fix that do the following: Go to menu.

So SSDs have various strategies to manage this. Other SSDs will always use a similar system, because if they needed erase and record at the same time, they would end up being slower than HDDs. Put simply, when you delete data, SSDs actively reset their memory to be blank, while HDDs simply ignore any data in a block and only overwrite it if there is new data to store.

A sobering thought. The annoying thing about data recovery software is that you only really use it if you have been caught without a backup. The developers have you at their mercy, and if you have lost precious data they could charge whatever they can get away with. To boot in Safe Mode, you need to restart the Mac and hold "Shift" immediately, and release it until you see the login window. When you see a "Safe Boot" message on the startup window, you can restart the Mac and try to recover data from this internal hard drive.

If the internal hard drive is not recognized by your Mac still, then the file system of this internal hard drive could have corrupted.

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Is there any other way that you can access the data on this unrecognizable internal hard disk? Of course. You can recover data from this unrecognizable internal hard disk with Mac data recovery software like iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery.

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I got my HDD set as 1 Boot device, and i select to boot from memory stick. Resolution: We recommend becoming familiar with the command line version of Disk Utility, which is named diskutil. I do not think any hardware was damaged during the swap, because when i use my old HD the computer still boots up normally. Resolution: Replace the SSD if it's confirmed that it's in its final stages of life. If external hard drive problems exist, the preceding sections as well as the following sections will need to be reviewed. Now I see it.

Then, you can reformat this internal hard drive so that you can use this drive again. It can not only recover data from a Mac that is unbootable , but also recover documents, photos, emails, music, etc. Step 7: Follow the wizard to recover data from the internal hard drive.

Step Select the internal hard drive and click "Erase" to reformat this drive. However, if your Mac can't recognize the internal hard drive, this internal hard drive might have some hardware problems. You can either send it to a local repair store, which could be costly, or say goodbye to this drive and buy a new one. EN FR.

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