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Quickly Copy a File or Folder Path to the Clipboard in Mac OS X

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Jun 19, There are a few ways to retrieve a file or folders full path from Mac OS X, and we'll cover the two easiest methods here, and also a third option. Feb 24, How to copy a file path on a Mac I frequently need to copy the path to a file on my Mac or on a server, so that I OSX + users can use.

By becoming familiar with the path bar, you can quickly understand the relative locations of your various files and folders, as well as easily move files to a location higher up in the path chain. To enable it, launch Terminal and enter the following command note: As mentioned in the note above, all of your current Finder windows will close and the app will relaunch.

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While this is very similar to the path bar method above, it does have some advantages. Despite its usefulness, having the full path displayed in the Finder title bar can be a bit cluttered, especially for longer and more complicated paths.

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If you would like to instead just get the file path of the selected document, you can use the Finder's "Show Path Bar" option in the View menu, open the document in a program and use the path menu , or by searching for the item in Spotlight followed by holding the Option and Command keys while hovering your mouse over a search result to reveal its path in the preview window.

However, these approaches do not give you the option to copy the file path as text.

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To copy the file path of a file or folder as a text string that you can paste into another document, there are several approaches you can take:. While generally intended to be a quick view of file information, the text content in the information window can be selected by clicking and dragging or by double- and triple-clicking, so you can use these approaches to select the file path and copy it from this window.

To do this, simply launch Terminal and then drag a file to its window, and Terminal will output its file path at the command prompt, which you can then copy. You do not need to know any Terminal commands to do this, and can close the Terminal window when you are done copying. Then drag a target file from another window to the Go to Folder text field, where it will be converted to a full text path that you can select and copy.

Unfortunately you cannot drag a file from the same window once the Go to Folder panel is open, but you can drag from the desktop or another Finder window. While it seems like a replacement for pressing Command-C in the Finder, this approach will ensure that the file paths are copied in full as text instead of only as references that will either be truncated to file names, or be otherwise altered.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

In my case, I added a keyboard shortcut, it works for files but not folders, I can only copy folder if I right click them. In the [ More Info: Subscribe to OSXDaily. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Jimbo says: August 26, at 4: Thursday, December 06,