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How to use Rufus to create a bootable USB drive to install (almost) any OS

Create a Bootable Win7 USB Stick on OSX · GitHub

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Install a USB driver

Or if you have an install disk already, you can skip creating another one and just download the latest updates. The updates will be installed on a USB drive, which will then allow you to install the proper Windows drivers during the setup process to ensure your Mac hardware works properly with Windows 8. If you only have time to download updates and create the install disk, you can uncheck the install box and come back to Boot Camp Assistant when you do have time.

Step two: Begin the installation process by setting the size of the partition you'd like to keep for your Windows 8 installation.

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The minimum suggested size is 20GB, which is more than enough if you plan on using Windows 8 sparingly. A Windows 8 install on my machine took up around 6GB of space, so you might be able to get away with 15GB if you're hard pressed for space. After Boot Camp partitions your hard drive, your Mac will reboot using the install disk and being installing Windows 8. The time for the install process to complete will vary in time based on your system.

Step three: After Windows 8 is installed and you've entered the requested information, your system may reboot a few times before launching the Apple software update part of the installation. This is arguably the most important step of the installation as it installs the drivers for your hardware.

Create a bootable flash drive for installing Windows

Your screen may look a bit off with extremely small text, or large text, and a mouse that's hard to move around the screen during this step; that's expected and will go away once the Apple drivers are installed. Step four: When the Apple updates finish installing, your machine will boot into Windows. You're set up and ready to go! The installation process isn't all that difficult; in fact, it's pretty easy.

Create Windows 10,8.1 Bootable USB on MacOS for PC no Boot-camp ( Please read Description )

You'll need to download any Windows updates as you normally would for a new Windows machine. See how they stack up with this assessment from Smarterer. Get our content first.

Install Windows on your older Mac using Boot Camp

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Part 2. How to Create A Bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac without Bootcamp

Absolute Collection. If you have all of that rounded up and it all checks out, let's begin. I have a windows 8. Before you begin Before you install Windows, make sure you back up important files. Latest posts S. Go to top.