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Also, the perforations are very fine on the label sheets, so they might fall apart in your printer if it were a full sheet. Lastly, if a CD company or jewel case distributor decides to carry our product with their cases, full-size sheets would not fit in their packaging. Q: Do you have a software version for Mac users?

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A: Not yet. That's another thing we're hoping to work on soon.

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Making labels with LightScribe-capable drives requires special LightScribe-compatible discs. Full Specifications. Plenty of clip art and templates are available, and the program can generate new designs for you with a click. We can do reverse fills or fine details but not really both at the same time. Select Options from the browser's Tools menu. Click the "Layout" tab under Table Tools.

We've had many users tell us how much success they've had by using other programs to create their own label templates i. You may want to give that a try. You can visit our Software page to download a template for Word or Pages. Q: Does your company sell CD cases or blank discs? A: No, believe it or not, we don't. Not yet. Just these labels for now. As we grow, we plan to offer cases with blank discs and labels. We may also consider doing custom jobs, with cases containing the printed labels. Q: Why is the software not working properly? A: Our software works on most PC's, and the labels will print on most home printers, but we can't guarantee it will work on all of them.

Some printers won't print on the 4"x6" specialty size adhesive paper we use.

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Consult your printer user manual as well as the ' Help ' section also available online in the CD Slimspine software for printing tips. The good news is that the software is free, so even if it doesn't work, just write by hand on the labels. Q: I can get my labels to print, but the positioning is off.

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How do I fix this? A: The printable area is very small, and every printer works slightly different, so we've set up a fine adjustment ability in our software. Also, don't correct the color space of imported RGB images in Illustrator.

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This has proven to be unreliable. While this may be acceptable for titles, logos and larger type, it can make smaller type unreadable below 7 pt. For sharp type, use a vector-based program such as Quark, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Always use the actual bold or italic version of the font. Be sure to keep a copy of all your files, since we will not be responsible for keeping or storing any files which we did not create.

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For photoshop templates, import the pdf into photoshop and keep the template on a separate layer from the art. Please do not send your final art as a pdf--we prefer the native Quark, Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop files with any needed links and fonts. Our Art Department can help you design or complete your project. Our designers are fast, experienced, and will work within any budget.

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We can also add a barcode to your project. If you have any questions, or if you need additional templates not listed here, contact the Art Department at or send us an email. Compact Disc Templates. CD 4pg Folder one fold Outside page 4 and 1 and Inside page 2 and 3 use the same template. CD 6pg Folder two folds. Outside and inside use different templates.

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CD 8pg Folder three folds. Outside and Inside use different templates. The EPS file only shows the Outside template. Rotate it degrees to create the Inside template. You can also add pages to create larger booklets.

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Booklets are available in 4-pg. This template is labeled in printer spreads arranged as they will be printed , not reader spreads arranged in order of how they're read. Here are the most common styles. Contact us if you need another type. Design Return to top. Vinyl Templates For templates not listed here, contact the Art Department at

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I've been looking at my Pages templates and can't find one for a DVD case cover. I thought for sure there would be one. I suspect it might be my. Back panel insert for CD jewel case with folded spine tabs with title. is a very basic Pages template to create the back insert for a standard size CD jewel case.